What Is Your Value And How Do You Raise It?

The number one thing you need to get women is value. What is value? Value is basically looks, money or status. Any female who was ever attracted to you liked you because she saw some sort of value in you. Lets talk about looks first, you can't change your genetics (except for steroids or surgery) With that said you can dress well in order to raise your looks value, a well dressed man will get women over a man who looks like a bum. Its best to dress with a certain style, a niche group that women can recognize. For example, thug style, rich guy, rockstar style. Pick a style that you like and make sure you look fashionable. The next step to looking better is to lift, either using the Starting Strength program or the 5x5 program. (Google it) Eat big so you can gain weight and get bigger. Also, take creatine because it is the only supplement that is proven to build strength. Don't listen to the "looks don't matter" advice, dress for success and look your best. Don't worry about your looks too much, don't focus on things you can't control. The next thing to improve is money, either get a skill and make money or go to school in order to get a better paying job. (Don't get a bullshit degree and go into debt, make sure to get a legit STEM degree) Don't buy a fancy car to pull women because they will not see the car until they are already down to fuck. All women are attracted to money but you don't need a Lamborghini and a mansion just to fuck hot girls. Status is the next thing you can improve which is your fame level/your reputation. How many people know about you? This means building a social circle and giving positive emotions to the people around you. Game is displaying status and communicating your value to people. If you want to learn game at a high level than read Pimp by Iceberg Slim or Rosebudd: American Pimp. These books teach you principles that apply to getting women. (You have to tone it down alot) My game is based on looks, money and status. Genetically I have good traits, I'm 6' 1 and I lifted to maximize my looks. I wear shirts that fit and have a good style as well. I utilize my money to get into clubs where hot girls go and then I game them by communicating with people and entertaining them. My main goal is to give everyone around me positive emotions. Look better, dress better, get money and build your social circle. START NOW!!!