Someone For Everyone and Everyone For No One

In the modern world you don't have to cater your personality to the group. There is someone for everyone and everyone for no one. This means that if you create your personality to please everyone than you will not belong to any group. You are simply being a "people pleaser." My personality does not change for anyone, I keep the same personality no matter where I go. People go to jobs every day where they have to act and keep things "politically correct." This relates to women because females HATE when you try to cater your personality to what she likes, it is very weak. Women want leaders, men who have opinions of their own. Don't change your personality just because you want to fuck some bitch. Women hate weakness, they don't want you to change just to please people. You can say whatever the fuck you want to say, you just have to put yourself in a position to do so. No excuses! You are born alone and you die alone, this is your life, if people don't like you then fuck them.