How To Kill Your Inner Bitch-INSTANTLY!!!

It makes no sense to have needy behavior towards a woman that you have not fucked. If you are at a bar or a club and acting needy in your interaction with females who you nothing about and hasn't done anything for you...that is crazy!!! "The bitch I want is the bitch I don't have, this means that you must always be searching for new women. Always look for a new girl, that is the name of the game, some women will flake on you, in fact women are extremely flaky. Play the numbers game like crazy with women. The reason why men are so needy is because they have no women, they need to be interacting with women to have abundance. The girl you think is so great, these beautiful women, they have nothing to offer other than pussy. They usually create drama in your life and ultimately waste your time. I call women bitches because they have not earned my respect yet. Men today are pussy whipped before they even get the pussy! That is the neediest behavior you can have. Men even buy drinks for women when they know nothing about them. To weed out needy behavior you have to be OK with every woman rejecting you. You have to become mentally tough and get to a point where you don't give a fuck. The key to having this "don't give a fuck" attitude is having a life purpose outside of women. I can replace a woman easily but women can not replace the value that I bring easily. A high value man is always more valuable than a beautiful woman. Become outcome dependent, if a hot girl rejects you then you must be non-reactive and not give a single fuck about it.