Why Do Women Want What They Can't Have?

People are always saying that women want what they can't have, which is true. The question is why would a beautiful woman go for a man who ignores her? The reason lies behind the fact that most men are chumps who chase them and will do anything for sex. These average men will take her out, buy her dinner, buy her drinks and chase her to the end of the earth. Just being different from other men will not be enough, you also have to have value. If a bum on the street ignores a hot woman he gets no reaction, but a man who dresses well, speaks well and walks with confidence can ignore a woman and get her chasing him. If you want to get the most beautiful women, and you see her on a consistent basis, do NOT hit on her. You want to ignore her and playfully tease her. Don't be the same as all the other chumps who beg for her pussy and will do anything to hook up with her.