Masculine Energy Is Proactive, Feminine Energy Is Reactive

Masculine energy is by nature proactive, which means as men we get shit done! As a man you want to be the cause while the female is the effect or the one who reacts. This is why men are the ones who fuck women while women are the ones who lay on their back and get fucked. When you speak your words should emotionally effect the woman while her words should not be effecting you. As a magician, women will become attracted to me because the crowd is reacting to me. This displays leadership and status, while the people reacting are not seen as high status or leaders. This is why I stress being "non-reactive" to women or even men for that matter. Being a man of action and making things happen is a masculine trait, if you don't make things happen then nothing will. The man has to be the one in the relationship who is taking the lead and striving for his vision and goals. Most men are passive, waiting for shit to happen, when you make things happen you stand out from the masses of men who are simply waiting to die. Most people in general are reacting to life, reacting to their environment, reacting to their boss, they never try to become the cause and effect their environment.