Do Looks Matter?

Everyone in the pickup community loves to argue about whether or not looks matter. The short answer is yes, looks DO matter. I equally hate when people take things to the extreme and say looks are everything. This is also false, and there are many things you can do to improve you game. It is very obvious that women are also hardwired to be attracted to men who have money. It does not matter how you look if you can compensate with money. You could be short, ugly, balding with acne and if you pull up to the club with a lambo then women will want to fuck you. You can always use your brain to acquire money in the modern world, you can dress well, buy nicer clothes, watches and other accessories. Once you have your fashion on point you can lift and improve your physique. In this life you have to play the cards your dealt, if you are not the handsome Brad Pitt looking type of man you will have to actively improve your looks, your bank account and your status in life. Women are attracted to men who have higher status, you have to use your intelligence to move up in the world.