This video is the holy grail of why are either not getting women or why you are losing women. If you walk up to a girl and you feel the NEED for the interaction to go well than you you have the wrong mindset. The correct mindset is to WANT to fuck a girl, not to NEED to fuck her. This same concept can be applied in relationships when men NEED their girlfriend, they constantly text her, constantly worry about where she is and their entire life would crumble if they lost her. I believe in a healthy dose of negative thinking, I like to visualize walking up to a girl and her rejecting me in the most fucked up way. This allows you to accept the worst case scenario and in the unlikely event that she throws a drink in your face and calls you an ugly piece of shit than you will not give a flying fuck.

NEVER let women be your source of happiness, you have to put your life purpose above women. This mean EVERY woman, I don't give a fuck if this woman is your wife. 

Find a purpose, make it the source of your happiness and DON'T BE A NEEDY LITTLE BITCH!!!