Effort Is All You Can Control

There is a principle of effort, he who puts in the most effort will fail the most. To get better at anything the key to success is putting in constant effort at the activity and failing as much as you can. The next step is to analyze why you are failing and adjust your mistakes until you no longer make them. 

In the process of becoming a magician I failed and embarrassed myself many times but I learned from those situations and improved my skill. This is the same principle I applied to success with women. I approached tons of women inside of nightclubs and failed as fast and as much as possible. I then analyzed my mistakes and focused on aspect of my game I could improve upon. Putting in more effort does not apply to everything in life, weightlifting is one example. Your body needs rest in order to gain muscle so taking time off is necessary. Picking up women is an example of something that effort is truly the difference between getting laid and going home alone. It is obvious through observation that you will get more women if you approach more women, much like sales, you make more sales the more people you pitch your sale to. 

Talent is another aspect of game that no one talks about. Your genetic look is the aspect of pickup that is talent oriented while your game is the skill you can actually learn.  In the sport of MMA strength, speed and your reach would be examples of talent while the actual techniques would be the skill. Many men who study game are far too worried about the uncontrollable aspects of game, which would mostly be their genetic look. They need to be focused on the things they can control, like how they dress, lifting and gaining muscle, communicating with people, being more charismatic.

Every singe man who has great game focuses on everything from his looks, the way he dresses his oral hygiene, he communicates well with men and women, he lifts, and he approaches every woman he finds attractive. All these aspects of game take effort but if you improve them all you will find success in attracting women.