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I have honestly never met anyone who gets results in the game like Beau does. I recommend every man to take a workshop with him. This dude picked up a model on the second night was insane to watch how he got her away from two other guys and she was so focused on Beau it was like they didn’t exist
— -Jose R. Oxnard, CA, USA
The workshop I took with Beau was absolutely mind blowing. I feel way more confident. Beau Matthews is a genius when it comes to women and is just as good at communicating his ideas.. The techniques he taught me have put me on a whole new level with women now.
— John M. Las Vegas, NV, USA
Last weekend I went to the Los Angeles workshop...the things I learned are incredible. You can tell Beau is a master at getting women. It’s really eye opening to see how good game can get and what is really possible.

Just getting to watch Beau in action with females was worth the price in and of itself. The reactions he gets from women are something I had never seen before. Beau is truly playing the game on another level.

He was bringing women over to me and he was literally explaining techniques as he did them! There is no doubt in my mind the material he teaches works!
— Peter S. Los Angeles, CA, USA
Beau’s seminar and workshop was off the hook! I absolutely loved the course. My game went above and beyond what I thought was possible.

Had I tried to learn by myself I would it would have taken me at least 6 months to get to where I am today. The workshop was so beneficial I plan to take another one in the future.
— Christian B. Los Angeles, CA, USA
Before I went to the workshop I was had really bad social skills. I could approach women but as soon as I would talk they would get bored. After the workshop I feel like a whole new man. When it comes to approaching women & being in social situations I now have the ability to be relaxed and I am much more charismatic.. With the social skill I learned I can effectively “sell myself” and women are very interested. This is the information I wish I was taught in high school or college. I am so happy I took this course, I can’t thank Beau Matthews enough for offering these services.
— Jerry H. Los Angeles, CA, USA
I had the time of my life this weekend and I learned more about women in 3 days than I did in 4 years of reading blogs and watching YouTube videos. It’s crazy how much my skill in game has improved over the weekend.
— David J. Ventura, CA, USA
I highly recommend a PlayerCode workshop to e men are looking to take their game to the next level...just witnessing Beau in action gave me the confidence to go out everyday and implement the methods to get beautiful women attracted to me.
— Austin D. Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Mind of Beau Matthews (Audio Program)
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  • Over 9 hours of pickup techniques, mindsets and mind blowing content
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  • Learn how to capture the attention of any group and become a high status male 
  • You will discover secrets of social dynamics that will allow you to make connections and become more successful in life
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